JMC has extensive experience assisting clients across the Southeast with a variety of professional surveying services.  We offer a full range of surveying services to commercial and corporate enterprises, as well as to federal and municipal governments, in all aspects of surveying disciplines, including:


● Boundary/Cadastral Survey
● ALTA/ACSM Survey   
● Topographic Survey and Mapping   
● As-Built and Record Drawings
● Geodetic Control Survey 
● GPS Survey
● 3-D Machine Control Modeling Survey
● Hydrographic
● Construction Staking
● Geotechnical Monitoring



Boundary/Cadastral Surveys
A boundary survey determines the location of property lines and the monuments that mark the property corners of a parcel of land as described in a deed. A boundary survey can identify existing easements for utilities, such as water, sewer, drainage ways, and power lines as well as any encroachments within the property. Cadastral surveys create, mark, define, retrace, resurvey, and re-establish the boundaries and subdivisions of public land. JMC’s use of advanced surveying instruments enables fast and accurate data collection. Information is managed and processed on Trimble data collectors or office software, or can be transferred to CAD, design, and GIS packages.

An ALTA/ACSM Survey is typically requested to supply a title company and lender with the survey and location data needed to issue a title and/or mortgage insurance. A detailed map is required to be performed to standards as set forth by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).  ALTA/ACSM land surveys must also meet the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys as adopted by the ALTA, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. JMC uses state-of-the-art equipment to perform ALTA/ACSM surveys.

Topographic Survey and Mapping
A topographic survey measures the elevation of points on a particular piece of land, and presents them as contour lines on a plot.  A land survey locates physical features, such as buildings, improvements, fences, elevations, land contours trees, and streams. These features are given elevations based on a vertical datum and coordinates based on a horizontal datum. This type of survey may be required by a government agency, or may be used by engineers and/or architects for the design of improvements or developments on a site. 

As-Built and Record Drawings
As-built surveys are surveys of existing facilities performed to obtain horizontal and/or vertical dimensional data so a constructed facility may be delineated. As-built surveys physically locate structures and improvements on a parcel of land and are often used post-construction to verify that all of the proposed improvements were built according to the specifications of the proposed plan.

GPS and Geodetic Control Surveys
Geodetic control surveys cover large areas of land where the curvature of the Earth is taken into consideration. Geodetic surveys produce geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude.
JMC performs static, real time kinematic (RTK), and real-time differential Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys to deliver accurate mapping and control data for projects. JMC can integrate GPS obtained data with data gathered by standard survey methods to produce final surveys that meet each client’s requirements.

3-D Machine Control Modeling
Our 3-D models are prepared by licensed professionals and are compatible with all types of machine control systems, including AutoCAD, Microstation, and paper, offering maximum flexibility to our clients.

Hydrographic Survey
Hydrographic surveys involve measuring and mapping navigable water bodies and accompanying shorelines and beaches, often for navigation, engineering or resource management purposes. The resulting maps can be used to aid in maritime navigation, scientific research, sports, and mineral exploration.

Construction Staking
Construction staking is used to establish and mark the position and detailed layout of roads or buildings for subsequent construction. Our team routinely performs construction staking for a variety of project types, including streets, utilities, subdivisions and complex building sites. We also provide services for municipal construction staking and rehabilitation.

Geotechnical Monitoring
JMC’s skilled professionals can provide geotechnical monitoring and inspection services. Our firm utilizes TDR and OTDR techniques for rock and soil displacement, which allow relatively inexpensive, real-time detection of shear displacement in almost any rock or soil mass.